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Here's what your cards have to say today…

The Magician's sheer will helps him achieve miracles. He acts without hesitation or doubt. Confident and determined, he is the master of his own fate. For him, anything is possible. But the Magician must remember that he is the only conduit of power and creativity; the source is divine.Examine your motives and what got you into the present situation. Make use of past study. Use your special skills and talents.

Justice holds the scale of fair and impartial decisions in one hand and the sword of consequence in the other. From the human perspective, events may seem random, but there is meaning. The Justice card often refers to the courtroom and legal judgements, but its influence is not limited to this arena. Each action has both a cause and effect whether they are physically apparent or karmic. Use past experience to determine what you feel is best and act on it.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that life is unpredictable; we must make the most of every moment. The Wheel-not the man-is the focus of this card because fate and destiny are above the realm of man. While we each may set our own path in life, we are subject to larger forces that are not under our control. This card often indicates quick changes in life direction and rapid developments.Consider altering your present course by searching for your role and purpose in the Universe's greater plan.
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