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Here's what your cards have to say today…

An unexpected bolt of lightening destroys the enduring Tower. Drastic changes can interrupt life without warning. If you donít like change, you had better learn to at least accept it--fast. Sudden crises and emotional outbursts force us to wake up. Keep in mind that change is necessary so try to find a positive aspect in upheaval. The changes indicated arenít always of a catastrophic nature: a new job, the banishment of illusions, and the clearing away of negative karma can be on the horizon.Rid yourself of the false social beliefs and standards that bind you and stunt your spiritual growth.

Now, you will be successful in all of your undertakings. The Sun shines brightly--sure of its power without boasting. The source of light and energy in our solar system, the Sun makes life on earth possible. This card indicates good times and the feeling of being in the sun. Ambition, confidence, optimism, positive thinking and warmth are yours. This is a time of good health and success in new ventures.Donít hesitate; grab a hold of new opportunities.

The Magician's sheer will helps him achieve miracles. He acts without hesitation or doubt. Confident and determined, he is the master of his own fate. For him, anything is possible. But the Magician must remember that he is the only conduit of power and creativity; the source is divine.Success will be yours through faith and focus. But more observation and study may first be necessary.
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